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Friends of Animal Rescue

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Do you love your dog as much as we love our dogs? Friends of Animal Rescue is putting on a "Why I love my dog" drawing/essay contest for kids grades K-6. The awards ceremony will take place at our event, Tails on the Beach, on November 5th @ Clayton's Beach Bar.


Grades K-3: Draw us a picture of you and your dog cuddling, playing, or doing whatever it is that you love to do together. We’ll look at all of your wonderful drawings and pick the three we love the most.
Grades 4-6: We want to know all about how much you love your dog and why. So write us a short essay about your furry buddy – make it sweet, make it funny, or whatever you want it to be – and we’ll pick the three we love the most.


Please submit your essays and drawings no later than November 2nd, 2016 (Wednesday).

You can bring your drawings/essays to us at Friends of Animal Rescue: 4908 Padre Blvd. (SPI) 
or email it to us at:
We are open 10am - 5pm 7 days a week -- (956) 772-1171


We would love to see all of your drawings and read all about your wonderful pets!


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