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Luis is an Animal Care Tech with Friends of Animal Rescue. You'll find Luis working Friday-Sunday as he is going to college during the week.  Luis adopted Sushi, a tripod kitten from Friends of Animal Rescue within weeks of starting with us.  He is an animal lover and enjoys caring for the dogs and cats at the shelter.

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Jesse is a Lead Animal Care Technician at Friends of Animal Rescue.  He is studying to be a Vet Tech and loves animals.  Jesse spends his free time working out at the gym. Jesse has two large dogs at home that he rescued.

Jesse handles medicating of our animals, routine vaccinations, and assisting our vets as needed.


Sal is an Animal Care Tech.  He always has a smile on his face and is ready to help.  His love for animals makes him a natural for his role at Friends of Animal Rescue.  Sal and his wife are the pet parents of Miklo, his Chihuahua that he adopted from Friends of Animal Rescue.

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Joel assists in repairs, maintenance, and pick-ups/deliveries for Friends of Animal Rescue. His expertise is greatly appreciated as he is knowledgeable and experienced. Joel and his wife Toni, have 3 rescue dogs that they have adopted over the years.

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Jenny is the newest member of the Rescue ME Resale team. Jenny is a sales associate at Rescue ME Resale and also assists in outreach events for Friends of Animal Rescue. Jenny has a strong background in animal care and grooming which makes her a wonderful asset to the team.  Jenny adopted her little Shih Tzu Rowdy from Friends of Animal Rescue three years ago. 

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Sherry is the Director of Operations at Friends of Animal Rescue.  She is known as the "Leader of the Pack". Sherry is involved in all aspects of Friends of Animal Rescue.  She has been a part of the team since 2010.  Sherry rescued Ralphie three years ago and he is the love of her life. Anyone who knows Sherry knows her heart is as big as Texas.

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