Cole Conley

Animal Care Technician

Cole is an animal care technician at Friends of Animal Rescue. He has been in the animal care field for the last year and a half and is new to the island. He loves working with all animals, but especially likes big dogs. He is loves finding loving homes for the animal at Friends of Animal Rescue.

Nathaniel Conrad

Web Master, Social Media. - 2018

Nathaniel joins F.O.A.R as a Web Master and Social Media Intern.  He is the owner of Pugslee the reason behind The F.O.A.R Shelter.

Daena Diaz

Lead Animal Care Technician

Daena is a lead animal care technician at Friends of Animal Rescue.  She is always there for our orphaned animals and often takes them home to provide round the clock care for them.   She is very passionate about caring and saving animals and wants to make a difference.

Toni Hurt

Retail Manager, 2015


A little bit about Toni:

I was raised on SPI and currently live in Port Isabel with my husband and 3 rescue dogs. My hobbies include fishing, surfing and beach combing.

What Toni loves about her job:

I love helping lost and homeless pets. I love finding "treasure" in the donation boxes and making money for the shelter.

Paige Kowalski

Paige Kowalski

Paige recently moved to the Island and adopted her first dog named Costa Rue.  She is one of the reasons that Paige loves her job so much.  I want everyone to feel the happiness she has brought us.

Sherry Pindard

Director of Operations, 2011

A little bit about Sherry:

I was born and raised in Orange County, California and moved to SPI in 2010. I have always been an animal lover and have had pets all my life. When I'm not working I like to spend time with my family and friends.

What Sherry loves about her job:

I love that I am privileged and blessed to have a job where I am able to save animals and be the voice for the lost and homeless. I love knowing that every day we make a difference in animals' lives.

Ernesto Reyes

Administrative Assistant to Director of Operations. - 2018

Ernesto has been a volunteer at F.O.A.R since he was 12 years old. He attends Port Isabel High School and works part time for F.O.A.R.

He loves all animals.

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